What is TraceBuddy?

TraceBuddy is a free service for sharing your location with anybody. It is based on the philosophy that you decide WHO knows where you are. You decide WHEN somebody may view your location and you decide WHERE to share your location and where not.


To be part of the TraceBuddy user community, install the Android App from the Google Play store and you are in.

No registration required. No hidden fees. It is all for free.

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How to use TraceBuddy?

How can TraceBuddy be used?

  • Ever realized that the most heard question on telephone is: "Where are you?". Well, with TraceBuddy they already know (if you want them to of course).
  • If you have a meeting outside the office and want the attendees to know when you arrive? Simply share your location until you arrive.
  • If you want to know where your kids are.
  • If you are a truck driver and your boss likes to know where you are. Just share your location during working hours. It's that simple.
  • Going on vacation? Let your friends and family know where you are.

You decide with who, when and where to share!


Your location is converted by TraceBuddy into a unique embedded link. You can share this link by e-mail, WhatsApp, SMS and social networks.


You decide within the TraceBuddy smartphone app when your location is shared and when not. This can be based on location and/or time.


You decide 'where' to share your location. You can decide to share your location only if you are in a specific region.

Is TraceBuddy secure?

Yes, definitely. To share your location with others we store your data without any personal details. When you share your location with others, you send them a link. On the TraceBuddy website there are no further details visible. Even if this link is received by somebody unknown they can't identify you. You can always disable any share at any time you want. You are always in control!